Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Yet another climbing blog

Blogs are so 2008. And we are half way through 2018 (shoooot, time flies!) yet here I am, being cheesy, starting a blog. Nah, it's not going to be any different from other climbing / adventuring / sometimes-sliding-into-boring-personal-crap kind of blog. But I can explain! 

First, I just came back from Norway after a week of stellar cracks at Lofoten. And before the trip I browsed the internet jungles for trip reports and route recommendations - but couldn't find much, so we followed the Rockfax guidebook route selection. And while mostly it was great, one day going for one of their 'Selected Top 50' lines on the island we had a horrific day with type-two-fun approach, epic bailing from a route and a nerve racking descend. I felt betrayed. 

Second, I moved to Switzerland a year ago and my German is - hmmm - conversational. I can order my beer no problem, but reading a stoked review of Excalibur route in Wendenstöcke in Swiss, I totally missed the part about the descend and the sandbagged grades. Which made our trip there 10x more epic ofc, yet we were glad to come back in one piece.

So yeah, somehow in Europe none of the platforms do as great job as Mountain Project does in the US (euros are also more secretive about their betas imho), people here speak different languages and guidebook topos are known to be very brief and approximate. So I thought the climbing world could benefit from crowdsourcing betas and reviews a bit more. And from my opinion of course, because we are in the internet after all.

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